These are not healthy, but mighty tasty!! I am having some girls over for a Saturday brunch… My Lucy as I prepared the muffins!


I found this tasty treat from::


May:: let’s try again :)

So… I really need to keep up! I have actually had a request to update this!! So her I go, my promise to post our dinners this month! Here is our menu for this week!
Sunday we have a little cinco de mayo fun!!


Easy homemade salsa

Who doesn’t love chips and salsa?! It is one of my favorites! Again, store bought is full of preservatives that our bodies do not need… So I make it myself. Plus the amount of money you save is pretty unreal! It cost me less than $5 to make a huge bowl, probably 1/3 of it would fill a normal store bought jar of salsa which is about $3-$5 depending on the brand!

What you need:
6 Roma tomatoes
1 onion
8 cloves of garlic
1 bunch of cilantro
1 jalapeño
1 Anaheim chili
1 can diced tomatoes
1 pinch of salt

What to do:
Mix it all together! I used a chopper and chopped each item and then combined it all together in a large bowl.



Homemade refried beans

Beans. Beans. Who doesn’t love beans? We sure do at my house! You can buy a can of refried beans for a little over a $1 an it will get you through a meal and maybe lunch the next day. It is full of preservatives and high in sodium. So.. I made my own! You buy a bag of dried beans for $1.28, an onion and a jalapeño for under $3, and I always have garlic and salt. For less than $4 I made enough beans that would fill six cans! Plus all natural and low in sodium!
Super easy too. I have to credit 100 days of Real Food blog for the idea!

What you need:
I bag of dried pinto beans
I onion (diced)
1-3 diced jalapeño (depending on the level of heat you want)
A few pinches of salt
3 tablespoons minced garlic

What to do:
Rinse the beans
Place beans and other ingredients in crockpot and add water. Fill above the beans, almost to the top of the crock pot (about six cups).
Cool on low 8-10 hours.
Mash with a potato masher



Stuffed chicken and green beans

So good, get ready!

What you need::
1 lb chicken breast or boneless thighs
1 package of crumbled goat cheese
1 bunch of basil

For the green beans: (I have made these before!)
A few handfuls of fresh green beans– just measure based on how many you need to feed
4-6 pieces of bacon chopped
1/2 onion diced
Chicken broth

What to do:
Tenderize the chicken so it is about 1/4 inch thick or thinner
Lay flat on a baking pan
Add stuffing:: goat cheese and basil
Role the chicken and hold together with toothpicks


Bake at 350, about 30 minutes or until cooked all the way.

For the green beans: (do this about an hour before you start the chicken)
Throw all into a large sauce pan and simmer for at least two hours, the longer the better!
*you just need enough chicken broth to cover the beans while they are simmering!



Quick party menu

Our conversation this morning:: “hey honey they are coming over what are you going to make?”

Plans for tonight were to go out to dinner, come home. I did not have to cook, or plan a meal. Grocery shopping was done… Well about noon that changed! So what do we make on short notice??

Pulled pork BBQ sandwiches
Buffalo chicken dip

What you need:
5 pound pork roast
1 bottle BBQ sauce

4 chicken breast
Franks hot sauce
1 8oz block of cream cheese
Ranch dressing

An old fashion box of brownies 🙂 add eggs, oil, and water. Good to go!

What to do:
Light up that slow cookers! Toss in the meat, cook on low 6-8 hours, on high 4-6 hours. (Of course check to be sure it is done)
After fully cooked, shred and mix with BBQ sauce. Serve on buns for a tasty sandwich!

Buffalo chicken dip:
Boil chicken breast until fully cooked.
I put it in my mixer (best way EVER to shred chicken) and add buffalo sauce. Remember the more you put, the hotter it is. I’ll let you measure that!
Transfer chicken mixture into a baking 8×8 baking pan.
Next, mix cream cheese, ranch (just enough to add flavor and make it creamy). Layer mixture on top of the chicken.
Top with cheese.
Bake at 350 until heated all the way through.
Serve warm with chips or crackers.


Planning dinners!

Every week I make two list my dinner menu:: (some of my planned meals from last week crossed over to this week!)


AND the grocery list::


But I have already been to the store, and I’m slightly OCD about things so everything has to be crossed off before I leave the store and in this case deleted. So my list is ready to be filled next Saturday!
Yes– I’m crazy it’s okay!

So what miss Lucy is cooking up this week::
Sunday:: crock pot chicken wings
Monday:: Italian chicken and pasta– yes crock pot again. (Trend?? Yes!!)
Tuesday:: BLT lettuce wraps
Wednesday:: crock pot cheddar chicken with stuffing
Thursday:: Monterey chicken
Friday:: leftovers/ eat out

Happy cooking!


Tea time!


Best green beans ever.

Green beans. You probably love them or hate them! Either way you need your greens! So, lets make them yummy! A d it is simple.

What you need:
Green beans– enough to feed your family. Fresh are the best
1/2 onion- diced
Bacon cut into small pieces uncooked
Water– enough to cover all the ingredients

In a large saucepan combine all ingredients and boil. Yes, that is IT! They are so great and so easy!


Sausage stuffed shrooms

We had appetizer night! I am only sharing two because the third was not so good. Sometimes I do have flops!!

What you need:

1-2 packages large mushrooms (with stems)
1 package cream cheese (I didn’t need the whole package because i was making for two!)
12 oz sausage– take out of the casing
2 tablespoons Italian breadcrumbs
1 handful of shredded mozzarella, goat cheese and Parmesan cheese.

*sometimes I do not measure very well– I blame my mom for that 🙂

What to do:
Clean the mushrooms and remove the stems. Keep the stems and chop.
Cook the sausage and drain grease.
In a mixer blend: sausage, cream cheese, stems and all cheeses.
Spoon in mushrooms
Bake or grill until lightly brown at top!
I used the oven tonight and actually used a muffin tin and they did not fall over.