About Me.

A few words about me…

I am a mommy.

I am a wife.

I am a chef (well sorta).

I am a fashionista.

Some might say I am a little bossy.

I love my family of three..


Lucy’s Diner..

Where is Lucy’s diner? Well, once a week it is in my kitchen. For those who read this, I am a full time working mom and wife. Some days I have little time to even breathe. How do I save time, yet keep my family values? That is the question I found I asked myself on a regular basis. I do not work a “normal” schedule and either does my husband. We are both in the lovely world of retail. Pay is good. Schedule is challenging. So time is money, at least they say!

You see, I come from a long line of great women, strong, independent, slightly bossy, and amazing home makers. They are amazing cooks, bakers, and pastry chefs all in one. Some of my favorite memories as a child involve preparing meals with my mom and grandma and many great meals at the dinner table. My mom was on a mission to create family values one meal at a time. Some people call it crazy, I call it normal. Thanksgiving was by far the ultimate example of family at the dinner table making memories. It wasn’t your typical fancy dishes and expensive wine. It was three or four turkeys, a couple dozen pies, pounds of potatoes, and of course the newest addition to the feast each year. We didn’t sit at a table with candles and dad at the head of the table, we sat in lawn chairs with tables lined up outside in a trailer park. Sounds classy, right? Maybe, maybe not. But how I saw it, special time with my grandma, good food and lots of laughter.

So how does all that tie into Lucy’s Diner? First of all, Lucy is my daughter. My inspiration for a lot of things in my life. My mission is to create the same family values with my family. I also want to do this one meal at a time. So my goal in creating Lucy’s diner is to blog how I shop, plan and create meals and time with my family. I know so many people who struggle with making that special dinner time with their family because life gets to crazy, so my goal is to show you how.

I will keep blogs on how I plan breakfast lunch and dinners for a week, make them ahead of time and share my enjoyment of that extra little family time it might create.


Meet the owner of Lucy’s Diner:: Miss Lucy Rose!



5 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. How sweet!!! I love the name, Lucy. ❤ And what a precious, little Lucy she is! I look forward to reading more. 😀

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